Friday, July 21, 2006

Second Pre-Natal Apointment

Yesterday I had my second pre-natal apointment. I wasn't really sure what to expect....You think I would remember what it was like from my girls...but no...and things have changed so much.

It was a really good apointment though. My regular doctor was away, and I had doctor Oroz, and I really liked her. She was extremly personable.

They weighed me first, and I was not looking foreward to that, because I am already showing so much, and I have been eating so much that I was sure that I had gained mega lbs...but NO! Actually I have only gained 5 lbs and she said that I was right on target for that, and so not to worry.

Then she measured me, and again came the question I am getting tired of answering....Are you sure of your dates?

and again.....YES! I was charting....I marked EVERY THING down.

I am measuring 2 weeks bigger then I should....again making the doctor question twins...along with early movement, and shortness of breath among other things....(starving).....However, she did say that it could also just be exagerated symptoms as this is #4 for me....

I guess I will find out one way or another in three weeks....

I did feel movement on Sunday, which is about 6 weeks earlier then most moms feel it, and so I questioned the doctor, but she said that definatly I could have felt it....

Felt like a fish sqiggling in there. I like fish. I'm hungry.

She also told me the names of some of the better OBs so that I could make an informed choice on who I want to deliver baby....

My blood pressure was a little high, but still within the range of where it was supposed to be, but she also told me that the heat could be doing it.

I probably have a cyst in my ovary, which has been causing me considerable pain off and on, but she said they would check that in three weeks, when I had my ultra sound as usually they go away by then anyways....


All is well in babyland...and I am safe till the next apointment which is on Aug. 18th....

While I am at it....

Here is where we are at...


Week Ten

  • Baby is now called a fetus in "medical terms". You, however, may have chosen the name "peanut," "angel," "jumping bean" or simply "miracle."
  • The most critical part of your infant's development is complete. Now you are headed into a period of rapid growth.
  • While a bit strange to envision, your baby's head is now about half its length - Soon the rest of the body's growth will catch up but this area is prepared to keep up with the rapid brain development!
  • Eyelids fuse shut and irises begin to develop - Eye color is also determined by this point.
  • Placenta begins to function this week or next - The placenta is the organ responsible for both the provision of nutrients along with the removal of waste to keep your baby growing strong!
  • Your baby will be about 1.22 inch long (3.1cm) and weigh 0.14 ounce (4gm) at the end of this week

2 10 weeks

Love Robyn! elijahssong_17403

(P.S I wish that I could quit peeing myself when I sneeze.....)

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