Saturday, November 4, 2006

Post by Bree

This week has been really fun! Since easter break is coming up we decided to make some eatser hats, mine is a bunny and it is holding easter eggs with springs and flowers hanging out of the easter eggs. It kinda seems liitle kidish to mkae hats in grade 8 but it was really fun. Also in class we watched The Day After Tommrrow it is a really good movie considering I have seen it like a million times!! Well thats school... at youth we had a really fun time at the 30 hour famine we did a whxole bunch of things but I mostly played soccer.I stayed up all night and wasn't really tired... but around 7ish I got super tired *yawn* I fell asleep/for about an hour what a long sleep. In the morinug we went bowling and I lost horibally but it was fun!!When we came home I couldn't stay awake I fell asleep from 5:30 to 8:30 it was good sleep. So thats been my last couple of weeks there were a BLAST!


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