Saturday, February 17, 2007

Life with two babies

When you haven't slept properly in weeks odd things happen. For example Robyn and I used to be able to have reasonably intelligent conversations. This was a real conversation we had the other day. We were in the car, eating Mcds and I dropped my fries. So like Homer Simpson I say:

Me: D'oh!

Robyn(not hearing me properly): No?

Me(a little louder): D'oh.

Robyn(more confused): No?

Me(quite loud now): D'oh!

Robyn(very confused now): No?

Me(practically shouting): D'oh!

Robyn(very perplexed): NO what?

Me: D'oh, Homer, D'oh

Robyn: OHHH....



Sandi said...

Kendal you should have been eating a doughnut with pink frosting, then maybe Robyn would have figured it out. I have crazy conversations like that and I really have no excuse for it. Perhaps it could be blamed on my fried brain at then end of each day at work. You made me giggle. Thanks!

Robyn Jones said...

uh....i actually went out and bought him some pink frosted donuts....doh....

Brenda K said...

Very funny! I couldn't stop laughing! I can SEE it!