Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hey guys this is Bree, well this is my first entry =] and i don't really know what to talk about =P Well I'm pretty happy because I just got a progress report and I have really good marks ... well in most classes=P anyways in English I have a 90%, Science 91%, Math 76%,Computers 99% and in gym I have a 73%.. =] Oh yeah the 30 hour Famine is coming up =] we get to be starved for 30 hours =P but my goal this year is too raise $360 ... so if any of you read this and want to pledge just give me a call =] that would be awesome =] Well I thought for awhile that spring was going to come... but there is so much snow!! I can't believe my eyes =O It's just crazzyy.... I like winter and all but not this one it was too warm before then way to cold!!! But thats it for now... Ill talk to you all later <3bree>

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