Wednesday, June 6, 2007

So.. I haven't wrote a post in quite some time but this time I know my Grandpa Reeves is going to be reading so I got to get him caught up in what's going on. School is over in 2 weeks .. I'm really excited but before were free... Finals! Oh my I'm not really looking forward to them especially my math one which is going to be the hardest one. Anyways.. I do however get to get a recommendation. That's where I get to take away one of my tests because I have an 80 average in that class, I'm going to be recommending my English 9 test.. It's on shake spear ... which isn't my favorite =S. Anyways I also had a chance to get a Exemption in one of my classes but for that you have to only have had missed one day and I have missed a couple more than that ... maybe more than a couple but its all good Lol. Anyways theres nothing else that is really new .. Tomorrow in school we have a Fun in the Sun Day at school. Its where they set up a whole bunch of games and water things like slip and slide at school in the field hopefully its not all rainy outside... anyways I better get going... Bye.

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Sandi said...

Great to hear from you Bree!!! What will you do when school is finished??? I hope you have a wonderful summer. One day I'll get over there for a visit before your brother graduates. Hee hee hee! You sure have grown up since I last saw you in WL.