Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!

I went with Kendal for my 13 week ultra sound two days ago. I love ultra sounds. It always makes things seem a little more real. Baby Jones stretched and waved (bottom picture) I also found out that I am closer to having baby then what the doctor had said. She had given me a due date of Nov. 05- I had said Oct. 31...turns out we are both wrong, and baby is actually due Oct. 23. so I am actually 14 weeks 6 days today, and into my second trimester!

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Vixen said...

Now that is how to run a pregnancy--go through a few weeks in just minutes!

Aren't ultrasounds amazing these days? I didn't even get one with my first two.

When I went with my DIL they even did one shot in 4D which was awesome. Next one we get to find out girl or boy!!

Tammy said... makes me want to have another one. So, do you know if you are having a boy or a girl?

Jim said...

That ultrasound is the best invention, got to be in the top ten. I would like to know how many tiny lives it has saved!

Happy WW!
BTW, I had an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago. It was looking for a pain that the doctors couldn't figure out. Nothing alarming showed up (or on the CT scan). I will have colonoscopy Friday, not sure if I want to hope for problems or no problems. I would like my pain to leave.
Sorry to dump here, but wanted to show that ultrasounds are used in many ways.

Melanie said...

Congrats!! I always feel a little misty when I see ultrasounds of babies.

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Anonymous said...

Ultrasounds are so amazing. I was in tears every time.

Anonymous said...

I miss the joy of being pregnant :)
Wishing you a safe and enjoyable pregnancy :)

JUST A MOM said...

I LOVE THEM yours are so much more life like. have a great weekend I hope your tummy has settled,,,, off to work,

Sandy C. said...

So exciting! I loved getting ultrasounds too :) I think you can find out the sex in few more weeks! Hope you and baby are doing well :)

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Oh, how awesome is that waving picture! I am so happy for you!

Because they were high risk, I got FOUR chances at those cool 3D ultrasound pictures with my twins, and would you believe they never ONCE showed their faces? Niether of them! Just feet and hands and butts. sigh...