Thursday, October 30, 2008

The first cut is the deepest...

While Robyn was in the hospital last Thursday, Jeremy and I had a rough night. Jeremy woke up at around 4:30am which is fairly normal, but when I brought him to bed with me he flipped out when Robyn wasn't there. After yelling "NO, Mommy." a few times he threw his head forward right into the headboard on our bed. OUCH. I grabbed him with one hand and turned on the light with the other. By the time I had the light on, we looked like something out of CSI. With help from Bree, we got him into the ER and patched up. When I was a kid, it would have been worth a couple stitches, but these days they just glue them shut. Robyn was surprised by a 5am visit in her hospital room!



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Mom Knows Everything said...

Awww the poor little guy wanted his mommy!