Monday, March 2, 2009


By the way...I should warn you...this next post is from the please do not take it seriously..
Or you can if you like..LOL!

Apparently...lice are no longer just for children, the poor and under priveledged.....

Are you guys hugging lots?
Sharing your combs on bathroom breaks?
Wearing each others hats?
What up senate?
Didn't mommy tell you that you have to be careful what you share?

(anyone itchy yet?)

For more on this story.....

Eighteen senators were sent home from Congress after a routine screening found an infestation of nits, larvae, and adult parasites living on the scalps of high-ranking Washington lawmakers.


Me said...

Umm..GROSS! And Weird!

Skittles said...

McCain started it. :P

Eaton Bennett said...

That is hilarious...I needed that chuckle today. :)

Lily said...

Met you in Farm Town today and I am Lily's mum:-)