Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Customer service" at Walmart

I buy my water at Walmart(don't judge), the north Walmart to be specific. Tonight I tried to buy water. Who would have thought that the Walmart on the south end of the city doesn't sell water? Actually not only do they not sell water, but the prices and products are different and the store is laid out differently as well. It's like some alternate dimension, I was almost expecting to run into an evil version of myself with goatee. Oh wait I'm the one with a goatee, never mind...

Anyway I walk into the south store, carrying my two 5 gallon (empty) water jugs. The normal procedure is to get full ones from the water station at the front and then take all of them to the till to pay. The cashier takes away the empties, and you're done. When I couldn't find water station, I went to "customer service."

Me: Where do you keep your full water jugs?

Walmart girl: We don't have any.

Me: Are you out?

Walmart girl: No we just don't have any.

Me: So, you don't sell water.

Walmart girl:(keep in mind I'm holding 2 huge empty water jugs) No... Do you want tap water?

Yes, you complete moron I came to Walmart with these two huge jugs, just so I could fill them with TAP WATER because I don't have taps at home. ARGH. I did not say this, I just wanted to.

So I drive to the north store. They have no water at the water station.

Me(to Walmart guy): "Is there any water in the back?" (again I'm holding two empty jugs)

Walmart guy: Are you looking for empties?

Me(cringing): No, these are empty. They're mine. I want to exchange them for full ones. Do you have FULL ones in the back?

Walmart guy: Uhh... Ill be right back.

10 minutes later...

Walmart guy: Uh... We don't have any more empties.

When did Monty Python start writing my life? I'm going to the cheese shop.



Colin said...

Colin likes this story... and I like Monty Python.

Colette S said...


Yes this is the true representation of walmart. I'm thinking of switching to target. ugh.

I hope you finally got some. I buy water too for tea.

Robyn Jones said...

Actually, ironically enough..we didn't..We have to try again today.

marquistar said...

Oh. My. Goodness. That is ridiculous.