Friday, June 5, 2009

Mosaic 2009

It's that time of year again..
This year there were 19 pavillions,
which actually seems less then normal...
and it didn't seem as busy...
which suited me just fine..
...better parking.
Kendal and I decided this year
that we were not going to all the pavillions,
It is just easier with Gracie, if we take our time,
and hang out longer at them.

Tonight we went to the
Fillipa-Phillipino Pavillion, the Greek Pavillion,
and the Ukraine Pavillion.
We enjoyed the performances at all of them,
but found that there was just too much drinking at
the Greek Pavillion. All I could smell in there was alchol.

The Phillipino Pavillion was our favorite tonight.
That is where we ate supper.

We had “inihaw na karne” (pork barbeque),
“lumpia mini egg roll”, crispy egg rolls,
and “pancit” Philippine noodles
This was a combo plate for 9 dollars..
and the buns which are Sopao (I think)
and filled with pork....
(they were sepparate...)
What ever they were...
They were yummy.

We were also treated to some extra ordinary performances by the
Philippine Maharlika Dance Group of Regina
We have gone here for several years,
and I think this was one of their best.

They also offered a number of crafts,
clothing, and jewelry at great prices...
If you get a chance...go check them out...
It was well worth it.

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Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

I love the colorful dresses they are wearing. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog.