Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nice kids ride? I don't think so...

It looks like a nice easy going kids ride. Until you get in and it starts spinning.
The cab part starts spinning and going up and down, and the whole thing was rotating.
I started to feel dizzy and queasy, so I closed my eyes.
That's when I realized Jeremy had gotten REAL quiet.
I looked across at him and he was turning a weird shade of green.
His eyes were going back and forth.
I realized I was about to get puked on.
I grabbed his shoulders, and said, "Close your eyes, right now."
I kept repeating that phrase until the ride was done.
He listened.
Somehow we made it. No vomit. Whew.

Funny thing is later we went on the strawberry ride, which has a very similar motion. You can control the spinning on the strawberry ride. At first I wasn't letting it spin much, but Jeremy seemed bored, so I started spinning it a little. By the end of it we were spinning it as fast as we could. Jeremy was flying all over the place. It was a blast! And no nausea...


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Helene said...

Yeah, isn't is crazy how some of those kid rides go way fast??? Cole and Bella wanted to go on the kid teacup ride at an amusement park where we have season passes and even though my gut told me to say no, I let them go. Bella totally freaked out when the ride started spinning incredibly fast...she started flopping around the teacup like a rag doll and I thought she had lost consciousness. Thankfully, I managed to get the operator to stop the ride. Bella was okay but, wow, it was scary!