Thursday, May 27, 2010

Les Sherman Park

I apologize for not visiting many of you this week..
I miss you...I really do...
But I have had a very busy week...
I am doing photography for the Cathedral Arts Festival in Regina,
which means that I am having to attend several events a day until Sat. night...
It's fun though, because I am getting to things I normally don't do 
during the arts festival...
Last night I brought the kids with me to Connaught Library
for a Family Arts night,
and Jeremy painted up a storm, 
and then helped hindered the librarian
while she cleaned up spills and paint..LOL!
Tonight I am scheduled to photograph some "Pinup dance"
(not sure what that means...but it is at a trendy little store in Cathedral)
and then to photograh some poetry dudes at one of the Trendier Restaurants in town..
so Kendal and I are making a bit of a date of it at the same time....
I am thinking soccer is off is RAINING AGAIN!
I am sooooo ready for some sun.....
Well...I'm off...
Here are some more pics from the arts festival opening festivities
that are not of my kids...LOL!


Peggy said...

I know how busy things are now--I have notice that many bloggers are having moments of trying to catch up--me included! I think it is summer and everyone is busy enjoying the nice weather.
Your pictures are beautiful--the colors jump out at you, and the one of the little kids simply make me smile! Way to go:)
You are right--I think free style photogaphy is your thing!!

rose said...

yes, it get hard sometimes to get to connect with other bloggers because everyone is going in circles. love the pics-beautiful colors. have a good day. rose