Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beach Days!

This is the ONE of two days we managed to get to the beach this summer...
The weather has been completely un-copperative...
Normally we are there every chance we get!
The kids had fun any way!
Although I did end up having to jump in the lake
with all my clothes on, after Gracie fell in....

Daddy and Jeremy always build big sand castles at the beach.
It's their thing to do...

This is Gracie AFTER she fell head first into the lake, 
and I had to jump in and rescue her...
 I couldn't believe the grown man next to her,
Who stood there watching her not able to swim, 
head under water, and DIDN'T grab her!!!

The finished product complete with mote..

Before leaving the beach...
tradition says, that the boy has to sit VIOLENTLY
on each sand castle he has built that day....LOL!


alicia said...

It always amazes me how kids can have fun in any weather. We recently went to an amusement park and had a torrential downpour and thunderstorm with flashflooding and the kids still had a blast. Looks like you made an amazing castle and some fab memories!

Skittles said...

I think I ran out of words to describe how much I love your photos about a year ago. Maybe longer.

Looks like the weather was good for this day at the lake but shame on that man for not helping Grace.

LOL at the smooshing the sandcastle tradition. So cute :)

Robyn Jones said... kids are sure tougher then me....LOL!
Barb....I love you....Your great for my ego! LOL!
I was pretty mad at that guy...was he just planning on watching her drown?

Rose said...

fun at the beach playing in the sand , but not jumping into the water to save child. overall, looks lie a rewarding day. have another good day