Monday, December 4, 2006

Little Feet and Teeth

I got to see my Mercy Buckets yesterday.

(Actually her name is Mercedes...but her mom calls her Mercy....)

What a doll...her mommy and daddy made a perfect little girl...oh...and God helped too!

Actually we went over to see Brenda and Jason, because it was Jason's first day back to work in 9 months after paternity leave, AND Brenda had told me they were moving back out to Lipton, which is too far to drive for a cup of tea.....

so now we will have to settle for Sunday and Thursday visits, and internet chats...

Man visitation sucks.

Mercy cut some teeth, and she keeps playing with them with her is ever so cute.

She is also noticing the difference now between different textures and colors. I could look at her forever.

Good luck with going back to work Ja...

and good luck with the move back to Lipton...although we shall miss you...

Love Robyn!

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