Monday, December 4, 2006

Too Funny!

Ok- since my girls both brought up the famine, I will have to tell you about the parts of it that they did not!

First off, keep in mind that not only did the kids not eat all night, but they also did not sleep....

I have never seen anything so motley in my life as that group of kids the next morning......(hehehehe)

As soon as we left the church and got into the car......both girls passed out. and i don't mean eyes closed and gently dreaming. They were both snoring like truck drivers! We kept waking them up, mostly because we were actually driving Brandy to work, but to no avail until we actually got there!

We dropped Bree off at home, with orders to take care of the dogs since we were going out to a movie, but when we checked on her five minutes later she had passed out in my office chair! We gave up, and left the dogs in their cages.

We came home from the movie at about 12 am, knowing there was probably no way that either girl would be awake....but what we got was hilarious.

First, I tried to wake up Bree. I shook her and told her to go to bed. Well, she did stand up---but kept sleeping!I had to walk her physically into her room and then push her up the bed like a slug....(LOL)

Brandy was the really funny one though...Kendal went down to tell her to go to bed and shut of the TV....When he woke her, she sat straight up and stared at him with absolute murderous intent in her eyes....He asked her three times if she was ok...and she didn't respond...only stared.

Finally he asked again if she was ok, and she said "I am mad at her".

Kendal of course wanted to know what it was she was mad at, but she would only point down at the couch.

Finally Kendal figured out that she was talking about a pink stuffed pig which she held in her hand....and asked "Your mad at the Pig?" to which she responded "yes"

"Well why?" Kendal wanted to know....

"I.......She.......I can't remember......From Brandy...

Watching her turn off the TV was another half hour procedure, and after watching her hit about 10 buttons, Kendal finally went over and shut it off for her! (LOL)

Poor Brandy......the pig thing has become quite a joke between several people outside the family as well now, since she stuck her foot in it trying to explain......

Can't wait to see what happens at next years' 30 Hr famine....

(BTW- we raised almost 4000.00!)

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