Monday, July 20, 2009


This weekend we took off to Watrous..
Didn't plan it. Just went.
(trying to get our kids ready for a long road trip this summer...)
We had heard a lot about Watrous...
It is a town based around around the healing waters
of Lake Manitou...
The lake is 91% pure water, but has a specific gravity 10% higher than regular water due to a higher concentration of dissolved salts and minerals. The added density greatly enhances buoyancy and make it impossible for people to sink - even when motionless. Unless you leave earth's atmosphere, this is one of the few places in the world where you can experience the sensation of weightlessness.

What a weird feeling to not be able to sink..
apparently it is one of the few places in the world
where the water is like this, except for the Dead Sea....
(Leaves your skin and hair feeling pretty yucky though...)
Had to shower right after.

There is also a spa there, which makes use of the lakes healing properties,
but with the kids, we didn't check that out this trip...
The town itself is pretty cool too.

If we can afford it, that is where I think we will go for our anniversary next year.
However, for this year, we just kind of drove around, hung out,
and went to the beach.

Jeremy is a little young to swim,
so he didn't really get to enjoy floating in the water...
but I did..It was pretty cool.
I tried swimming, but gave up after a while,
and just floated on my back.

Gracie is really enjoying her time at the beach now...
but I think she came back with half of it in her diaper,
and the other half in her tummy...

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