Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cloudy Thursday

Cloudy Thursday!

The title may sound depressing, but really being cloudy is a wonderful thing for me. The best thing really!

I haven't been handling the heat so well lately, and the fact that it is cloudy....also means that it is cool...

I am very happy with this.

Plus....I got to go for lunch with my hubby today, which hasn't happened much recently as he has been working way way too many hours......They are short staffed.....one guy went nuts and quit...and the other one got fired cause he stinks. (I mean both of those literally) That means that Kendal is pulling major overtime...(but not getting paid for it as he is on salary)

but today he got off because he has to go and see a surgeon about getting his wisdom teeth removed....

I am a little discouraged...it will cost $860.00

We will get reimbursed for most of it probably from Manulife, but first we have to pay for it and wait for the money to come back.

That part sucks.

However, I am glad that he had the day off. We went to a place called Brewsters cause we had a two for one coupon....and we are cheap.....

We had something called a chicken twister wrap. Yummy.

We don't have many plans for the weekend yet, but then we never do...and somehow they seem to disappear....

Saturday Kendal has to run sound for a wedding, and then Sunday after church we are meeting our friends Shawna and Jason out at Katepwa Lake. I am going to find shorts if it kills me and I am going to get wet.

They are back from Surrey now, and temporarily staying with Ja's mom in Katepwa till Ja finds a job....

By the way....good luck with your interview today Ja.....I know that you will get the job!

Hope everyone is having a good week! I will be back with an update tomorrow about Krystal's ultrasound!

Love Robyn!

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