Friday, April 21, 2006

Bree Here!

Bree Here!!

Hay there!! This entry i just want to tell you about my church,Friends ! We go to avonhurst penecostal church it is super fun there maybe one of the best churches that you could ever go to! There are alot of friendly people there and lots of them greet you with hugs or a really big smile even bigger than mine . Our pastor, Doug is awesome the best pastor ever .. you know when you can tell someones a pastor well Doug is one of those when you see him you can tell just by looking at him i dont really know how to explain it. And our youth pastor\Worship leader is a awesome guy so is his wife tammy there both tha BoMb Lol We do alot of fun things with them theres not one boring Friday night!

My friends at avonhurst are the best people ever!!! If I never became friends with them i'd be clueless I have alot of friends there but the people i most hang out with.. well first theres Janna Banana shes sweet shes one of those people that you can talk to when ever you need to but shes also funny she has her blonde moments(thats not a bad thing) but yet again everyone has blonde moments, then thers Joni Bologni Jannas Twin! Joni is very sweet but shes more of the funny type she likes to make people laugh which she does. Then theres amber swalm! i love amber so much shes probaly one of the best people u'll ever meet Ambers very funny to but shes also very fun to laugh with ( I suggest her is you need to laugh)!!! Then comes Amber Jensen but we like to call her Abner Lol. Abner is very well crazy but in good way shes very hyper but thats why we love her Then theres andrew Im running out of ways to say things becasue basicly all of my friends are funny and very nice but anyways, Andrew is very goofy but also in a good way but andy is also one of those guys who is very easy to talk to. Then theres Ben very funny guy very nice guy and very weird guy Lol like the rest of them Then last but not least theres Jay.. Hmm I don't even know how to explain Jay well lets start out this way Hes Jay alrite!! Thats really he only way I can explain him and my sister Brandy Which is very funny to and evr since we came to avonhurst me n her are Tight Lol Jk like i use the word tight Lol me and Brandy are just very close but we still fight like all sisters but I love her thats basicly all !! I love the people at Avonhurst And I love my parents for taking me there not that I dodnt already love them I just Love them more Lol Jk!!

Bree Bear