Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gracie's Blog

I just put up a new post on Gracie's blog.

Gracie...6 months old

I haven't done a Gracie Update for a I thought we were due.
What can I say about her, except that she is an ABSOLUTE JOY!
I couldn't have asked for a sweeter natured last baby...

She is almost al
ways happy,
and to her wonderful smiles, she has added belly laughs...
To almost anything you do....
(It's great...she makes you feel like your funny!)

She is going to be highly active thou
already, although she can't crawl,
she tries to get off o
f my lap,
and head off to what ever is interesting to her.

She is sitting, which
is nice,
because now I can put her in the play pen with toys,
which gives her lots to do,
and also saves her from the wrath and co
nstant loving of big brother...

She loves anything exciting...
so much that we have started to call her adventure girl...LOL
She tires daddy out tossing her arou
and the park is an exciting place..
(even when she is turning blue with cold)

-it was colder then we thought....
She also loves books, big brother and her jumparoo...

The last week she has been a little grumpy for her...

...teething stuff....
I am hoping she has an easier time then Jeremy d

So far, we are really loving watching her personality emerge daily...
She seems to have quite the mischeivious streak in her..
(wonder where that came from)

Unfortunately, we had to quit nursing this time,
at five months, '

which broke my heart, but there was nothing there..

She is doing great on the bottle though,
and weighs as much as Jeremy did at a year...LOL!
We started her on cereal at 5 months,
she seemed to like it, and also liked carrots. (disliked peas)

and then all of a sudden just quit eating!
We are still offering it,

but for the last week and a half hasn't eaten anything!

Again, I can't stress how great she is...
After all...look at this
sweet little face...