Friday, April 30, 2010

His life Building Lego!

My husband LOVES playing Lego...
We have a huge lego collection mostly from Kendal's youth...
and ever since I gave birth to my son, Kendal could NOT wait
until the boy was old enough to play lego...
If Kendal could be paid to play lego? get the picture..

About a month ago, my husband lost his job...
He was fired due to office politics..
He came home at the end of the work day 
and told me he had some bad news...
Part of me was upset, because we just lost our only source of income,
But most of me was relieved..
He was never happy with the job, and it was a pretty toxic work place...
After seven years, it was just good to quit wondering when it would happen.
(and after he could pursue his life long dream  of building lego all day long....)
God is so good...
Within the first two hours of Kendal being fired,
He had three job offers...
A testament to the kind of man my husband is...
He ended up taking a job at a business owned by a family friend..
He was a little ambivalent about it at first,
It required a whole new set of skills he would have to learn, 
and meeting a whole new group of people..

Move forward a month...
Kendal LOVES his new job..
No weird office politics...
Great  people, if not a little odd at times,
Higher pay, benefits....
such an answer to prayer...
spends his days building shelves, cutting metal, driving machines around, and moving stuff...
Many days, Kendal comes home laughing about something 
that happened at work, and says how glad he is to work there.....

BUT...the highest compliment  my husband could ever give came yesterday...
When he came home, and told me it was like playing with Lego all day long!
He must really like his job...LOL!

Have you ever been fired from a job?
Did it work in your favor or against you?
Have you ever had to fire anyone?

Playing in the yard..

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