Friday, August 11, 2006

Week 12!

Age of your fetus - 12 Weeks week 12

How Big is your Baby
The crown to rump measurement is now 8-9.3cm and the weight of your baby is about 25g.

How big are you
At this stage of your pregnancy you may be needing to start thinking about maternity clothes. You will only enjoy your pregnancy more if you are wearing clothes that are fitting instead of trying to hold on for as long as possible by leaving the buttons undone or the zip unzipped.

Each pregnancy is different, not only between different people, but also between pregnancies. Your body will grow at different stages to different people and previous pregnancies. You may start showing sooner or later than previous pregnancies.

How your baby is developing and growing

By this week your baby's ears are now on the side of his/her head.

The neck will continue to increase in length, and the chin will no longer be resting on the chest.

Genital development continues and it will much easier now to be able to distinguish the differences in the sex's.


just thinking of Maternity clothes....I have already been in them for 4 weeks.

Not much else is new this week though...I am still really really tired....

Most of my morning sickness is gone now although I still have days where I feel nausea.

The heat is killing me. It has been 30 or higher now for weeks.

Monday is my first ultrasound.....YAAAAA!


my friend Chi!


This is my friend Chi from Japan. She lived with us for two weeks while she visited in Canada. We miss her and hope that she will come and visit us soon!