Friday, February 29, 2008

Jeremy visits Grandma

Sky Watch Friday!

Good morning from Sask Canada!
Very is actually -20.
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another meme 2

I was tagged by vixensden for this fun meme....boy did it ever give me a mental workout...I really had to think!

8 Things I’m passionate about

My family
listening to music
other cultures...

8 Things I want to do before I die

Learn how to play the flute and piano
Paint again...
Finish my Bachelor of Social Work
Work only as a volunteer (probably either with street people or immigrants)
See all of my children serving the Lord
Write a children's book

Buy a house...sigh...

8 Things I often say

"I did that once.."
"If you know what I mean...

"Your a little monkey" (to my little son who climbs on everything)
'Shut-UP Gizmo" (to my Shitzu who never does....
"You need to get an education" (to my teens)
"I need some violence this weekend to balance out my PBS intake" (anyone with little ones gets this..
"I really need to get that done...."
"I should do some laundry..."

Currently reading

Bleeding Hearts-Susan Wittig Albert

Ill Wind-Anna Pigeon

Lights Out-Peter Abrahams

Wild at Heart-John Eldredge

Captivating-John and Stasi Eldredge

8 Songs I could listen to over and over

This was really NOT a fair question for me....and really hard to answer..but here gos...

(to listen click the will bring you to that song at IMEEN

Hungry-Kathryn Scott

Breathe-Michael W. Smith

Everything is Wonderful- Everclear

Your Beautiful- James Blunt

Arms of an Angel- Sarah McGlaughlin

Secret Garden- Bruce Springsteen

My Hometown- Bruce Springsteen

Lifesong-Mark Hall

8 Things that attract me to my best friends

Has a great sense of humor
Not prone to jealousy
As interested in your life as you are in theirs
like similar things.

8 People I think should do Crazy 8s





( I am only tagging four this time...)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Talon visits me from Winnipeg!

My daughter Krystal came from Winnipeg for three days. We haven't seen them since before Christmas, and so we were excited when they came...but I could not believe how big my grandson is now.... Jeremy weighs 21 lbs....Talon is.....GET THIS....45 lbs...and he is 17 months old...WOW!

Talon at Great Grandmas House

Unfortunately we did have some moments of frusteration...The family of the father found out Krystal was here when they drove to Winnipeg...(without contacting her first.....what's up with that?) They were mad when she wasn't there....(Again...why didn't they call first?) so they drove back to Regina...and showed up Sunday nite with no warning at 10 pm and wanted Talon. I was really angry....first of all...they don't even try to see him for months at a time...and then they show up out of the blue and want to take him for the entire night and day....I was all for saying forget it. I felt they could have come and picked him up for a couple of hours in the isn't like he knows them well...but Krystal didn't want to rock the boat, so I kept my mouth hard as that was....We ended up having to go and pick him up as well, when apparently the family lost their keys and couldn't drop him off.....We had plans for him, and didn't get to do what we wanted to because the other family can't play well with others....We did have fun with him though for the time we had him....He is a funny kid and a lot of fun...

Then when he came home, the poor little dude ended up with ear infections in both ears and cried and cried for two hours straight....Man those things are nasty...

Now he is back home, and on he is feeling better.....but we miss him....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I figured everyone would be getting sick of seeing pictures of my fantastic little here is a change of venue.....
These are actually pictures taken by my daughters on a youth trip they went on this weekend. They were gone for 2.5 days and were able to see my youngest daughters favorite Christian band- Disciple. They had a blast!

Bree-with the glasses (my 15 year old) Tammy (one of our youth helpers) and two friends

Sisters-Bree and Brandy

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Meme

I was tagged for this meme by the fabulous Tammy over at Mom Knows Everything... Make sure you drop by and check out her hot new look.... She's all pimped up over there! :)

It's called...
Let's Play Dominoes

Rules :
Copy the entire list and add your name at the bottom. And tag at least 5 friends. (But you can tag as many as you like)

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One of the Jones

and I will tag.....

Abba Stories

Monday, February 25, 2008

This weeks heads or Tails is Wonder or Wander....So....In keeping with the theme.....

I WONDER what yesterdays public service announcement was about?

Well....I guess you will be the second, fifth., and seventh people to find out that....

little Jeremy is going to be a BIG BROTHER! It was a little unexpected....but we were going to have a sibling for Jeremy at some point....
so why not now?

We actually weren' going to tell anyone yet, but a few people have guessed...sooo....

(this is definately the last one by the way.....)

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Fun Monday!

Well, this is the first time I have ever participated in a Fun Monday, but I am having a very quiet Monday..
The guy I look after, isn't very energetic today, and my son is still not well, and so he is sleeping...

So...the questions today...were.....

1) What's in a Name....

Well...sorry to be really boring....but It is my name! LOL! And I am one of them.....(The Jones that is....) I am married to Kendal Jones...and so far there are four prodgeny and they are all Jones..Nothing very exciting, but there you go.

One of the Jones started aproximately two years ago because I was EXCEPTIONALLY BORED at work, and needed some way to fill my time, AND hubby and I were trying to conceive, and thought it would be fun to chronical it. It turns out that I enjoyed it, and found it a great way to stay in touch with family and friends out of the city....and I have even made new friends all over the world. It has been a blast! So for those of you who come and visit my family regularily on my little piece of internet land! Thanks! It has been wonderful!

Now for question 2....

2) What is on my plate....

Spaghetti. I am the spaghetti queen. Ask them. They will tell you. (The them is referring to my hubby and kids...) It is my dad's fault really. He made rockin good spaghetti when I was growing up....I have changed a few use whole wheat spaghetti.....but it is basically the same. I put everything in it but the kitchen sink. I use enough garlic to drown out 10 city blocks. I am very healthy after we eat it. (except for the pain in my tummy after I ate way too much....) Anyways there you have it. Nothing too exciting.

One of the Jones...(actually all of them.) like spaghetti.

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Tammi over at Mom Knows Everything has a wonderful blog which I visit often...Not only is it a great blog, but she just got a fancy new face lift! Go check her out! and here is a new award for her new blog....

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Public Service Announcement....

Stay tuned this week for a very important Public Service Announcement....Bet I have you wondering...

Poor Baby....

There are a couple of things in my life which make me angrier then most... and the biggest of those is my kids. Hurt my kids, and I turn into a bear. Fast. I have NO tolerance for it. That being said... This is why I am angry...

As you know from a couple of days ago, little Jeremy hasn't been feeling too good. Thursday he had a fever of 101, and I was up for most of the night....the next day he seemed quite a bit better...but very very cranky...

So cranky, that he bit one of my new day care kids on her first day here... (Great advertising...thanks son....) Fortunately mom was very understanding...but I was a little perplexed..Jeremy is normally a pretty laid back guy..and he was being very agressive...including with me?!?

So.. Saturday afternoon the poor little dude was actually worse again, so we went to a walk in clinic...
I had to wait for an hour first of all... Well... ok... it is a walk in and they were busy... but then I met the doctor....
Here is how the meeting gos...First...they had the wrong chart. They had mine instead of Jeremy's even though I told them he was the one sick... So the doctor me instead of HIS staff... "Why is this the wrong chart?" -- Like I should know for crying out loud....
He asks me what is I tell him-also adding that Jeremy is still nursing...and that he has been crying for several days. Jeremy has an ear surprise there...the little guy was miserable. Doctor asks me how much Jeremy weighs...and this is where the problem comes in.

I say... I don't has been a while, and he is getting weighed when we get him his shots this month. I also add that Jeremy is wearing 6 MONTH OLD CLOTHES and that I am pretty sure that he is between 20 and 22 lbs. THE GUY ARGUES WITH ME. "My daughter is about the same age and she weighs 25 lbs and she is smaller then him... There is NO WAY your son is 22 lbs. "
SOOO I ask the doctor to weigh him... AND he tells me He can't because the scales are locked up? WTH?
(He also told me that the reason that my son is crying is because my milk has dried up, and he is hungry. At which point I got angry, and told him Jeremy has 3 squares a day - Thankyou very much... and He is definately NOT hungry. )

I was angry to say the least, but I took my perscription and left for Costco... After I got there...the pharmacist took one look at Jeremy and says "I can't give you this perscription...this is for a least ...3xs his size....


Pharmacist phones the doctor and of course it is Sat. so he gets the answering service...

What we ended up doing, under the pharmacist's direction... was re-adjusting the dosage so that Jeremy is getting 1/2 a tsp. 3 times a day instead of what the doctor said....six ml three times a day....... My grandson has been on this before.. Amoxcillian.... and he is a lot bigger then Jeremy and he only ever takes 1/2 a tsp three times a day.

I am extremely frusterated.... I think I am going to file a complaint...
Thank God for an alert pharmacist. This time it would just have resulted in the runs, but what if it was something different my son was being prescribed....
I am going back to my own doctor on Monday...just to be sure everything is all good...

What would you do in this circumstance??

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Charlie and the Unicorn.

After hanging with my son and grandson all day..I am exhausted and ..this is all I have to offer you....

my sick sense of humor....

Friday, February 22, 2008

And then....a voice stirs
As gently as a whisper...
As softly as a breath...
"You are beautiful"
"I have known you Always...."
It strikes me like lightening
It is like a thunderbolt
To my senses: my heart.
Lord of the Heavens,
Creator of the universe
Loves ME unreservedly
I am His.
Surround me now...
Like the glory of Heaven
As beautiful as angels wings
As delicate as gently falling snow.
He thinks I am lovely.
Flows from me like light
Like insence, drifting upward
And I praise him with all that I am.
Healing waters from my soul...
He catches them in the palm of his hand
Because I am precious to Him.
Robyn Jones / April 2006

Belated Valentines Dinner!

We weren't actually planning on going out for a dinner this year...without me working...funds have been very low....
My oldest daughter Krystal wired us some money so we could go out! (I knew there was a reason I had kids...LOL!)

We were going to try and go out without Jeremy...but that didn't work so well...Grandma was instead we brought him and went anyways.
We ended up going to a place called The Balizean Cook Shack.
It was new, and we both like ethnic food, so we thought we would give it a shot...
plus Kendal knows the lady (Toni) who runs it,
and has been telling me since last summer that he wants to go there.

It wasn't exactly romantic...
with my son..
and a lady my hubby knew talking to us....

but it was fun.
Tony is freakin hilarious,
and we had a really good time.

There was no one in Jeremy had free run of the place....
and so as usual...he went straight to the source of the music.

and under the chairs...

and flirted with the owner...

The food was good...Kendal and I both had Curry Beef with rice and beans..
and it was kid friendly.
We will go back....

This weekend will also be exciting...
My oldest daughter and her son are coming from Winnipeg
to spend three days with us.
I haven't seen her since before we are all excited.
Unfortunatly my other two girls will be out of town
on a youth excursion all that didn't work out quite as well....

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Evolution of dance...

I was on You Tube this morning, and re-discovered this about a work out!

Forward facing!

This weekend we decided to turn Jeremy around in his car seat to face the rest of us! Was he ever fascinated...He talked about it all the way to the restauraunt we went to...and his eyes were as big as saucers.....He was very cute....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


For the first time since my little man was born...he has a bad fever...and he is SICK....with capital letters....
It started last night...he is always a little clingy after Mathew gos home for the day...(the little boy I look after)
but last night, he wouldn't get off my lap. He lay there for two hours watching t.v....He was trying so hard to be sociable...chatting to me, and smiling at my youngest daughter....
but he cried when we put his pjs. on him...he must have been achy.

I checked his temp, and it was quite high... 38.6 which is 101 F.
I gave him tylenol, and waited for the temp to come down which it did fairly quickly
and then he played for a while.
But he was still really listless...
I put him to bed at 10pm, but by 1am, the poor little dude had a fever
more tylenol...Nursed him for one whole hour...and tried to put him back to bed...
but no go.
I tried to bring him to bed with me, but he was miserable...and again, was trying to be polite, and kept chatting at me...
"oh...daddy...mommy....ow. nice. oh what's that?"
My hubby had to be up for work at 6am, so I went to the couch with little boy.
I sat up with my poor little furnace until 3:30 am...and then he fell asleep...and I watched him.
Finally at 6am, his fever broke...
but he is still really miserable today...and on tylenol every four hours...

Right now he is sleeping peacefully for probably the first time in 24 hours....

I hate when they are sick...I hope he feels better soon....
If he isn't any better tonight, we are going to have to visit the doctor...
There is too much going around right now... :(

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!

Little Drummer Boy!

This weeks Heads or Heads...something to do with the letter here gos...


Piano...which my son and I both love.

hahahaha...Poopy...and it isn't for me!!!

Pee-you....stinky boy....

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

For all the parents who are SICK AND TIRED OF GETTING TOO MUCH ADVICE.


PinkSander (4 days ago)

you do know the chest buckle for the carseat is suppost to be equel with her armpits right? If you were in an accident he could still very well fly out of his seat. Just thought you should know... If you don't believe me go to you local fire department and ask them how to properly strap a child in a safty seat. I hope you take my advice.

awaagen (7 months ago)
All that extra padding needs to be removed for him to be correctly restrained.

Ok...You wouldn't think that this video would elicit the kind of responses it did...but apparently EVERYONE on You Tube felt the need to tell us that our boy was improperly restrained in the car seat....They apparently missed the whole point which was that our son was days old...VERY TINY....barely fit in the car seat at all....and was screaming a lung out to tell us how much he hated it.....
(Apparently in giving us advice on how to restrain him....they also missed the date....
IT WAS OVER A YEAR AGO! He isn't even in that seat anymore...
To those who felt the need to give advice on You Tube....We do have Car Seat Clinics in Saskatchewan...I know we are heathens...but we do figure some stuff out...We are coming out of our igloos...we actually live in houses now...oh...did I mention it is-40 here....CHOICE. Leave car running for over half an hour and it still won't be warm enough for baby.....Let him die of exposure....OR......Over pad the car seat....for the very short trip.
And for all those parents of a new baby who are receiving advice they DON"T WANT and HAVEN'T asked for....WHEN WE NEED IT WE WILL ASK.


Now I am going to enjoy my son on BLOGGER where the people rock.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Super Scan Saturdays!

I have been working for a while now on scanning all my pictures-especially those which have never had digital format and putting them somewhere safe on the internet, where acid...moth...and fire can never touch...(plus I am TRYING) to organize my on Sat. for a while...I will be adding a few pictures...

Me! 1977

I think this was my seventh birthday....


1977....Me, my mom, and Jimmy Cameron

Me, My sister, and my brother

Me, my brother and my sister.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Tips for a Clean Computer Screen.....

Techie that I am..... Click here on this link for a tip on a way to clean you computer screen...TRUST ME You have to check this out.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Talon Visits Grandma in the Hospital.

Talon had been living with us a month already when I had Jeremy...Here he is visiting Grandma at the hospital....(He actually came with he was in the bathtub when my water broke...LOL!) Great Grandma, aunties and Great Grandpa took turns watching him in the visiting room...
Bet there aren't many who can claim that...LOL! We were the talk of the hospital maternity ward for the second time in three months..... (the first time was when I was in coaching my daughter give birth to Talon while I was a VERY BIG six months pregnant.....)

Happy Valentines Day!!

In the spirit of Valentines Day....I am posting some of the sweet stories which FAITHFUL READERS have posted on my site....
Have a wonderful day where ever you are...and if you have any more stories to them in the comments section, and I will post them this week....Enjoy!

Skittles said...

Maybe I'm in a sentimental mood today, but those pictures brought tears to my eyes. :)

I love the river story and I have one to add.

I keep all my passwords in a little notepad on my desk. One day I couldn't find it and with a sinking feeling in my stomach I remembered hearing something fall into the waste basket next to my desk the day before.

I had emptied the waste baskets and taken the trash out to the dumpster the night before. ACK!

I left a note for hubby telling him what I'd done. (He wakes up at 4:30am which is WAY too early for me.) Know what he did? Before he went to work that day he went climbing through the dumpster, looking for our trash.

He found my notepad. :)

Tammy said...

I LOVE the pictures!!! You had me crying over the picture of your newborn.

As for a love story here is what I got -

My elderly father lived with us. We found out he was dying with cancer and my sweet wonderful husband would stay up at night and watch him so I could get some sleep after taking care of him during the day. My husband even helped bathe him and take care of his bodily functions so that my father would have some dignity and not have to have his daughter do it. This really proved to me that not only did my husband love me, but that he also loved my father.

Thanks for the stories guys...those were great!