Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hay BraNdy HerE

So My little sister Bree is Graduating today, It is her Gr.8 Grad and I will be doing her hair, I'm so excited and Congrats Bree!!! and Now she will be off to High school and that I have to wish you luck , Because it will be very hard but your very strong and coureageous and I love you for that!!! so I am done school now and exams were exaughsting But I just know I passed all of them ! and next year I will be going in to gr.11 wow and I just turned 16 awhile ago I thought it would be different the truth about that is that it isnt really different Yes mom and dad and everyone else you were right it's not so different but hay I think I spotted some greying hair gramma I also recently Just quit my job and applied at Mc'D's I really hope that I get the job !! Pray for me ! And were going to go camping soon I hope ! We also just recently went to my fathers work BBQ with my family and we had such a blast that day OmGOsh It was so fun we went tubing and swimming all day! and My friend Amber that came holy cow she burnt like a peice of bacon (sizzle*) she has such fair skin ... but I have to go get ready now so I'll talk to y'all later

Peace Out