Monday, September 18, 2006


Well hey there! This is Brandy speaking now and Technically I wasn't tied up; I was wrapped up in saran wrap so I'll tell you the story. It was one cold night ... just kidding it was at youth one Friday and we were playing all these weird games Paul made up, so of course they were weird. But anyways ... I had to be tied up in saran wrap and then roll across the room where a banana was placed and then eat it. The first one to be done won. Well I didn't win, however; I did get second place which was good considering I was the last one to roll across the floor... but our team did happen to nabb first place in the end. We got a Jones soda (my favorite) and we also got a chocolate bar !! It was so awesome. So just a reminder to those who were going to try and keep me tied up? I'm free and not planning to be tied up anytime soon. (lol) I also went to my friends soccer game the other day. He was awesome even though he doesn't like to admit it and I have also managed to get a job at Mc Donalads as well. I really enjoy it alot! The atmosphere there is amazing, but I am a strange one because I love to work. (lol) If you like work I recommend McDonalds guys. I do not have any remorse for quitting at Domino's and I have to admit this job is like heaven compared to my last job In fact I kind of look down with contempt on Domino's shh don't tell anyone ok Well holding school and a job is kinda hard but I have managed so far and I think I am doing pretty good!!! School is actually great. I have met lots of new people and new teachers! My little sister is now in grade 9 to so she is also enjoying high school too! it's awesome!!!!!! I grew my nails out to I am so happy. I have never done that before!! I am so hyped.. and Krystal and my mother are growing very big on their bellies so soon I will be an aunty and a big sister !! I can't wait !!! but I have to go now ok !!! I'll check you guys laters!!
bye bye -Brandy