Saturday, December 15, 2007

This is probably inappropriate for family content...but I stole this cartoon off of Skittles Place It made me giggle....

Containment Breach!

I had a good laugh this morning....I was on the phone talking to my dad, and Jeremy had a blowout..which ended up with dad frustrated...(he doesn't change many diapers and wasn't sure what to do..."OMG, where should I put him, I can't put him on that-it's a housecoat, how do I get this stuff off, how do I bath him with this stuff on him, where are the diapers....OMG") LOL!

My dad also had a good laugh at Kendal's expense... (I think the comment was something along the lines of "That's why I don't have babies anymore..."

Jeremy ended up in the tub...which made him happy...nothing like a good bath with the rubber ducky first thing in the morning...He didn't really know what all the fuss was about....



Jeremy learning to stand at 9 months.