Wednesday, January 6, 2010

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Wordless Wednesday!

Last week, I posted some pictures from our holidays
of a motel we stayed at in BC
in Three Valley Gap...
It was such an amazing and beautiful location, 
I took a ton of pictures.
I can't wait to go back in a couple of years..



Night falls...


Playing with Jeremy in the dark
in the motel courtyard
by the lake.



A train in the courtyard.


There was an indoor breakfast nook,
with some tables and a little garden,
but my pictures really couldn't do it justice...
so you will just have to do with fairies..LOL!




We took the kids in a swimming pool
in the motel..
It was a neat pool..
and had pics of the titanic on all the walls..
The only problem is, that the hot tub was cold..
because their generator was down.
(They have their own generator for the motel, 
because they are literally in the middle of three mountains
in the middle of no where..)



Everyone is getting ready for bed...

For more information on Three Valley Gap...
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Looking at the website reminds me how 
disappointed we were with the storm
that prevented us from seeing the 
ghost town, 
or the enchanted forest...
oh well...
next visit...

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