Thursday, January 31, 2008


What is your favorite cereal?

ummmmm.....fruit loops....(sorry...never grew up...) i love their sweet, sticky, sugary goodness....and aren't they a good source of vitamin A?


When was the last time you purchased something for your home, what was it, and in which room did it go?

I bought a wardrobe for my bedroom, because when we moved into our new house, the closet wasn't big enough for the both of us....


What is the funniest commercial you have ever seen?

I like the Americquest commercials. They make me giggle...

Main Course

Make up a name for a company by using a spice and an animal.

Chihuahua Ezpazote


Fill in the blank: I haven’t ______ since ______.

I don't know if I want to answer this one...ok...

I haven't been on a date with my husband since.....(whispering) last year...since I was pregnant....

(a smart alek friend of mine commented tonight actually that we went on a date a year ago...and now there is Jeremy......)


i received this award from Tammy over at Mom Knows Everything...
and then I didn't put it up for more then a week...cause i procrastinate..and life happened..
I really do appreciate it...and would like to pass it on to all my bloggy friends...
and visit Tammy's site if you get a chance...I go there at least once a day...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Todays Thursday 13-episode going to be 13 things about my son which you probably didn't know....

1. Jeremy LOVES computers. He is always trying to get on it, when one of us is on. He has figured out that buttons do THINGS. Said things usually screw up the computer...but that is is all fun and games for the boy...We actually had to get his own keyboard for him so he would leave ours alone...

2. Jeremy also loves MUSIC. It is a toss up over which he loves more. Computers or music. Music was one of his first words. He knows the sign language for the word music, and actually asks me to put music on. He knows where the stereo is, and points to it, and has since he was about 6 months old.

3. His two favorite songs are 1) Thank India byAlanis Morrisette and 2) 1234 by Feist

4. Jeremy also really likes books, and spends lots of time with them..carefully turning the pages, and looking at all the pictures.

5. When he does play with toys, his favorite one is his piano.

6. Jeremy loves puppies, and gets very animated when we let the dogs out to play with him....

7.Jeremy stood up for the first time when he was 8.5 months old, but has only ever walked around furniture. He is 13 months old, and still hasn't left the furniture.

8. He thinks it is really funny when people sneeze...and laughs his head off.

9. He started talking very young...words at 6 months. Now he says three word sentences like "I don't know" and "Shub up Gibo" (shut up Gizmo...)

10. He loves Itsy Bitsy Spider, because I used to sing it to him when he was 3 months old. He used to do the actions in his sleep at 4 months. Now it has morphed into spider man. He LOVES spidey

11. He is almost bald.

12. He is 13 months old, but still wearing 6 month old clothes.

13. He was 5 weeks early, but has so far done very well and proved wrong all the dire predictions from the pediatricians who said he would develop slower then other kids....(someone should probably tell him.)

and if it sounds like we are a little obsessed with our is because we are.... :)


Thank you

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!

Why Bloggers make bad Mommys..... the dog dish.
I took it away from him..after sitting there laughing and taking pictures.....

Would you like a Black eye with that?

I really really like my coffee....but at what expense....

This weekend, my hubby and I went to do our shopping (for once without our son) as we have been leaving him with grandma a little now) and we stopped by Timothy's (On Scarth St. in Regina) to buy a pound of coffee, and get a mocha or something while we were at it. Our average bill is about 25 dollars.....
We usually stop by once a week or so and buy something called Sugar Bush Maple...but I doubt we will again....EVER.....

They close at 5pm, and so at 4.45 we rushed in, glad to see we had made it. The customer standing in the restaurant didn't look at all happy to see us, and says..."Sorry, we are closed."

I am thinking...that's funny, we have been in here for ages and I have seen no sign....

I ignore the customer, and say to the girl behind the counter..."That's odd, I thought you guys were open till 5pm....."

She says "oh yeah...we are."

Customer....obviously a friend to the employee says.... "oh, I must have made a mistake..." giggle giggle....



I don't say anything.

We walk in, and I try to find out what kind of flavored coffees they have. I want to try something different. No signs. No lists. No prices.

I turn around to Kendal and tell him there are no signs. No lists. No prices.
So far, customer and employee have gone back to chatting, and are completely ignoring us...
I try to get employees attention, and am ignored.
I look helplessly at Kendal, who walks over, and interrupts.

"Excuse me, do you know what kinds of coffees you have over there?"


Kendal and I look at each other and try again.

Kendal " Could you find out?"



You work here and you don't know how much your coffee is? Or what you have?

Employee...."I just started here. The other girl is in the hospital sick. I don't know anything".

(In my head....."well could you walk over their and TAKE A LOOK????)

By the way...Kendal is in there often...he works downtown. He says he has seen her that was a blatent lie.

She starts talking with her friend- the customer again.

By now....Robyn has had it. I say to employee..." If you really don't want our business....we will just take it somewhere else....."

and I start to walk out...

Employee..."That's good...I didn't want it anyways...."


Then....Get this...No Lie.

CUSTOMER: "You stupid B----....You come in here with attitude ...ect...ect.." ...I am walking out. Ignoring customer. Be proud of me if you know me... I said NOTHING. that is something. Big.

..however...Kendal turns around....
and says..."what did you just say to my wife?

CUSTOMER: "You want to go? Common...let's go!"

OK sweetheart...give me A BREAK. First of all. Grow Up. I am not going to fight you over not liking your customer matter how bad it was....

And Second of all...I am not going to have a scrap with someone who is the age of one of my kids....
Do you really get off on beating up middle age people??

We walked away shaking our heads. (By the way...what did I do to deserve this rant? I never did say anything until I said we were going somewhere else...)

Kendal went back on Monday while he was at work, and spoke to the manager...and we kind of got the response we expected...Oh, well...she shouldn't have treated you that way...I will talk to her...We will get the other girl banned from the building ect. ect...No real apology though..or invitation to remain as a customer.

What ever happened to customer service?? If I had ever spoken to a customer like that when I was in the customer service industry...or stood there ignoring a customer...I would have had my butt canned.

Oh well....

We like the coffee at Second Cup too...and my coffee comes with cream and sugar there....not a black eye!

Todays Heads or Tails was Tails.....Who would you like to meet and why....
I think that I would like to meet Jann Arden.
I have heard great things about her....she seems really down to earth...and isn't always wrapped up in some stupid scandal.
I like that she has come out of some hard times, and still has her act together.
I respect her as a musician and personally like her music....
She just seems a class act!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yep it's true....

Yeah Talon's going to be a big brother. And yes, these pictures are totally legit. That was the actual moment Krystal spilled the beans. She told Brandy first, and Robyn just happened to be snapping pics right then. Robyn's focus was on the way the light was shining off her hair and she didn't pick up on the conversation. I was around the corner and heard Brandy say, "You better name it after me this time." Brandy did try to keep it a secret, but that was a bit of a give-away! Double click the pictures for a better look.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Check out the teeth.
If you want to know what this about?
Read bottom post.

My son....THE SHARK

Dear Son....
If you want to live a long time in this house...
Without developing a permanent home in your crib...
or hearing me scream your name in anger...
Please....Please quit biting me.
Your little teeth are sharp...
and it hurts when they pierce my skin....
(or Mathew's, or daddy's)
It is most unpleasant to be sitting there in a quiet stupor
and all of a sudden -be jarred back to the present
impaled in my toe.
Of KNOW...that I don't like it...
I am pretty sure that my screams of pain
tell you that....
Why you LAUGH when I cry is beyond me...
and the sharp piercing screams...
that accompany the six little teeth
tearing into my skin
as you yell NO
are not popular with me either.....
You tricked me when you pretended
to be a quiet and a gentle baby
You had me fooled good.
Good practice I guess
for later when you are a teen...
and just a reminder...
mommy is not a chew toy...
So when I am nursing....
or you may be weaned
sooner then you expect kid....

Love Mom.

Friday Feast! Second Edition

How many times per day do you usually laugh?

3-4 times a day.....I have children....they are almost always funny!

What are your sunglasses like?

Ugly and red...these are similar...

You win a free trip to anywhere on your continent, but you have to travel by train.

Easy! The East Coast of Canada...I have never been there, and I would really like to go. It is supposed to be beautiful....

Main Course
Name one thing you consider a great quality about living in your town/city.

We have tons of free community events...This is just one called the community arts is a week long event, with tons of free entertainment all week, and ends with a street party on the is great!

If the sky could be another color, what color do you think would look best?

Sunset Red! I love the sky in the evening when the sun is going down...I could live with that!

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday 13....

I am in the midst of trying to organize all of my media at the moment...(I have a few pictures-Can you tell?

and at the same time building a first year video for my son, so obviously that is what is on my mind at the

todays Thursday 13 is brought to you by


Monday, January 21, 2008

This weeks Heads or Tails was one of the five I picked Taste!
This is my one year old tasting McDonalds for the first time....You should have heard the sounds of ecstasy! LOL!

MMMMMMMMMMM first time at McDonalds Ever...
Nothing like those McDonalds Fries...