Thursday, July 8, 2010

Friday Follow!

Smart and Trendy Moms

Wow! Friday again already! 
Hard to believe...
Let's see if we can make it through a weekend without any rain...
In the meantime..grab a cuppa coffee...
and check out some great blogs!

Here are the rules..

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Book Review!

Always a reader, recently I joined a group for bloggers called BookSneeze!
The idea behind this website, is that you request a book from their list of
available books, read it, and then review it
on your blog, and on a consumer website like

It is a win-win situation for everyone!
They get a (hopefully) honest and well written review...
and you get a book to keep!
Being the avid reader that I am... 
Here is the first of many more reviews to come...

"Jesus Calling!
Enjoying Peace in His Presence"
 by author
Sarah Young

Do you desire more out of your relationship with God?
Do you want to know Him in an increasingly intimate manner?
Would you like to hear His voice?
If you do, then... this is the devotional for you....
365 days of inspirational messages, 
guiding the reader to learn more about trusting the Saviour. 

Beautifully bound in leatherflex.
the simple attractiveness of this book
makes it a eye catching addition for the coffee table, 
or the bookshelf.
However, don't think it is only decorative!
I was drawn in immediately by 
Sarah's timely devotional 
each one penned during her own personal, intimate time with God.
Sarah's own search for Jesus' Presence and Peace is evident, 
as she practices "journaling" the Words she felt Jesus gave to her.
Her writing is clear, precise,  easy to understand
and written in the language of this generation.
As I read through the pages, I felt as though Jesus
was speaking to me where I am in my spiritual walk today.
I look forward to spending more time is this wonderful 
devotional as I read it a second time during my own quiet times with God!

I give this book 
out of five...