Saturday, April 10, 2010

Brewsters North....

On my birthday (April 2)  we went to Brewsters with the in-laws for lunch..
Their food is usually  pretty good..
but we seemed to hit a bit of an off day
Kendal ordered fish and chips..
and the fish was swimming in grease..
I ordered a fish sandwhich, which was also pretty greasy..
However, to the credit of the excellent waitress 
when we complained and told her Kendal wanted to place a new order,
She did so without any fuss at all..and this is what Kendal got..

This is what Kendal ordered.
Curried Chicken served on rice with Naan 
..smelled pretty good!
It was so pretty Kendal had to take a picture...LOL!
Did I mention the waitress? 
She was really great!

The Mercurial Moods of a Pampered Princess....

These pictures were all taken over the period of about three minutes....