Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

Kids of summer...

We can now also be found on 
Look for One of the Jones Photography!!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How does TIna take pictures?

After yesterdays post, my friend Tina from
left this pic on my facebook..
It appears that you CAN take a better picture 
if you throw your everything into your own posture....  ;p
Anyone else have any "picture taking" poses
they would like to share??

Monday, June 28, 2010

How do you take a picture?

Yesterday.... I fell off a cement wall trying to take a picture of 
my husband throwing my little girl in the air...
In honor of that...I share the following pics I found on 
DP Photo Journal
Anything to take a picture...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My kids and grand kids...

 Cassidy (grand daughter)

Talon (grand son)

 Jeremy (son)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Social Parade Fridays!

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Facebook... Good or Bad?

I have been on facebook  crackbook  now for a couple of years...
and believe it or not..after all this time..
I am still undecided as to whether it is a good or a bad thing...

As a tool...It is great..
I keep in touch with people I haven't seen in years...
I can update my family and friends with pics, videos
without making a call...and anyone who knows me knows I hate the phone...
I am able to reach my older children most of the time
which is good, because they are almost impossible to reach them any other way..
They are connected, so I am connected...
It is also a great marketing tool,
you can reach everyone in your target list with one push of the button...

and this is a big However...
Why is it, that people feel the need to discuss every aspect of their lives in one sentence on facebook..
 Really folks..I don't want to know what happened at that party,
and who slept with who....
I also find that some of the biggest misunderstandings happen on face book...
Internet communication has been known to be confusing at the best of times..
but make a statement on facebook and EVERYONE feels that they need to voice their opinion...
Some of the biggest arguments have been started by people misunderstanding what others are saying..
or not being careful when posting their remarks...
or purposefully leaving rude comments on the main page to be witnessed by others..
In the last several years, there has been countless cases of bullying on Facebook...
At least one that I know of...ended in the young persons suicide..

AND.. if someone chooses to remove a comment...
it is their matter if you agree or not...
after all.. it is their page.

If you follow me on Facebook..or on One of the Jones..
You know I love Photography...
I don't mean little L love...I mean LOVE photography..
I don't claim to be great at it...
I am learning all the time in fact...
I am blessed enough more recently to be able to do some photography jobs..
and I LOVE it... I love working with the people..
I LOVE learning about their lives..
I LOVE being able to give them something they can treasure forever...
I LOVE telling the photos...
I LOVE the whole process of taking the picture...editing and seeing the finished product..
Will I continue on in a more professional manner?
At this time..I don't know.
I would like to at some point but...
I am happy being a mommy to my little ones...
and doing the photography jobs I am doing now is keeping me busy as it is.

This should never have been an issue, but it has become one,
since another person wasn't happy with my response when I removed some comments
on my facebook..
I should have e-mailed right away and told them why I guess,
but I wanted to discuss with my husband how to handle
something I wasn't comfortable with while at the same time
causing the least amount of friction.

Unfortunately that didn't happen,
as the person in question decided to make it personal,
despite a lengthy e-mail explaining my reasoning, '
and welcoming PRIVATE discussions about my work in the future..
Instead this person actually called me names,
called my faith into question,
and blocked me from facebook!!!!

These are the times when I question my reasoning for being on facebook.
In the words of Thumper.....
"If you can't say anything nice...then don't say anything at all...." it is time for open discusssion.

What do you  REALLY think of facebook.
Do you feel people should be allowed to delete comments off of their own page?
Say what they want on their status updates?
Do you feel facebook has been a detriment to our society? Or a good thing...
I would love to hear what you have to say....

and in this forum I AM welcoming both negative and positive comments..
just try to keep it polite...  :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

No, I am NOT a bad Mother...

NO...this is NOT a giant mud puddle in front of my house..
and NO, I would NEVER let both of my children
run around with all their clothes on
in said mud puddle
for an hour..
while the neighbors gave me odd looks..
I wouldn't do that.
and I especially would NEVER take pictures of it....
and post it on line for everyone to see...

Our one day of Summer...

One of the Jones now has a photography page...
Just search for One of the Jones Photography on facebook!