Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hello There!

Well this Saturday was the R$iders game and me, my dad and Brandy went... it was lots of fun! The Riders lost by 3 three... thats all .. they were behind in the beginning of the game .. and Toronto was doing well. But the last five minutes of the game was really exciting!!! The Riders got two touchdowns back to back by the end of the game and then were only two points behind and had a chance to win but then Toronto got another point and that made us three points behind which i guess doesn"t really make a difference.. but yeah the Riders lost which sucks but i still had lots of fun! ... what else... Oh yeah Krystal is having a boy which is awesome but if she did have a girl she would've put Danae in the name so she would've been named after me which would be sweet, but oh well, boy or girl Ill love it! So yeah ... yesterday we went to the lake with Kim and Shawna and Jason Megan and Noah (the kids) and my parents, my sister and her friend Destinee and me! It was lots of fun !! It was funny though when we were getting ice cream me, Dess and Brandy were sitting at a seperate table from everyone else cause there wasn't enough room.. but we were just sitting there and this guy walked up to us sat down beside Dess and started talking to us .. it was really uncomfortable.. he asked us if we wanted go for a walk with him and his friend and we were like "we're here with our parents"! (Lol) It was sooo funny. I'm pretty sure he was embarrassed after we said no to him! Then after that we went to go swim and this kid that was like in grade 7 got his sister or friend to come ask me out! of course i said no! I had no idea who this guy was !!! Then after i said no she came back awhile later and asked if Brandy or Dess wanted to go out with him! then they said "umm no thank you!" Haahahaahaha! it was the funniest day ever! But fun! Lol but I should go now cya all later!