Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's A Boy!

It's A...........


Krystal is having a baby boy! I went with her to the ultrasound this morning and I got to see him moving around inside mommy! It was way cool!

I actually saw the "boy parts" before the technician said anything! Ultra sounds are sooo much better then they were thirteen years ago....

Krystal was dissapointed to not be able to use her girl's name...(Amira Danae) - Danae after Bree....

so now she is off to the name library to try to find a boys name!

However, she is excited to be having a son!

Every time she saw babies face she said.."Awwwww!"

Baby was being difficult however, and would not present his best face for a proper ultrasound picture, but the tech managed to at least get a side profile.

It was very cool, and also makes me excited to find out. However, I have a long ways to go to the ultrasound where they actually tell you what you are having....

(Krystal said she hopes I have one of each.... )

I am excited.

Love Robyn!elijahssong_17403