Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lots of this and that.

Here's a big surprise for you. Guess what! I'm hungry AGAIN. I feel like I have a tape worm growing inside of me. All i do is eat and sleep.

In rebuttal (yes I did say butt) Kendal could say ours was the most popular campsite...but (there's that word again...) no one wanted to visit me....37, pregnant .....You get the picture....(sorry too much info again....) However, my girls have made alot of new friends......

No wonder they don't want to hang out with us. We're downright embarrassing

I knew there was a reason that I hated Mondays....

I came into work this be greeted by great big black beetles....everywhere....on my floor.....Not good.

Crunching under my feet.

I swept them all up, but they are EVERYWHERE...including dropping off of the roof in some rooms....My coworker had to sweep up her office as well....

Then I opened my drawer...and there were literally about 60 of them feasting on the gram crackers in my desk....

I screamed.

then I made our courier empty out the drawer!

This is an ongoing pest saga...Last time it was ants....and at Christmas, it was mice. I actually had Mickey sitting on my foot munching down on a piece of popcorn...I screamed then too.

Our weekend was ok though....

Friday night we helped with youth...except my dear husband wouldn't let me play some of the games... I guess Circle of Death just sounded a little rough for him....(LOL)

Saturday I had to do the sucky stuff. You know pants hemmed, and cars washed. I wasn't done by five though, so my husband and kids went to the Rider game without me.... I really wanted to go, but I still had stuff to do. Apparently it was good though, cause the seats were in the hot sun, and I haven't been dealing with the heat well at all.

However, I did bump into my inlaws in Costco, and that was pretty funny.....

They wouldn't let me lift a case of Jones pop, and then followed me home to unload my groceries! Hey...maybe there is something to this being pregnant thing after all!


Sunday after church we drove out to Katepwa beach with our friend Kim, and met our other friends Shawna and Jason. It was soooooo hot. 31 above. and the beach was insanely full of people. We have been going there for years...and NEVER seen that many people there....I couldn't get over it. However, we did find a little patch of shade in a far corner, and our kids found the lake, and we didn't see them again for hours...(too cool to hang out with us now...)

I found the lake. and sat in it. it felt good.

Jason found a bee with his bare foot. that did not feel good!

The girls found us conveniently when it was time to go get ice cream.....Even Taco gets his. However, while we were sitting there, some boys found my girls. They were sitting over at the next table....and we never even noticed! Great parents we are....

The boys were like...."so what cha doing" and Bree was like...."Here with my family....AT THE NEXT TABLE" (LOL) Apparently they didn't take rejection well cause they were do ya wanna walk with us after..... WE're WITH OUR FAMILY.....

Apparently my girls had on good deodorant or something....cause then down at the beach....another boy asked Bree out...which resulted in more sarcasm.....WONDER where they get that from?

We finally left the beach around 9 pm.....and almost got killed by a buck crossing the road, and then a stupid truck driver with a death wish....but I guess we made it...cause here I am this morning...with the bugs!


Love Robyn!