Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Well ...havent written an entry for sometime now but theres not alot for me to talk about but there is a couple of things ... like my mums pregnant I was so happy when I heard about it and i think about a week later i heard that Krystal (my oldest sister is pregnant too!!) YAY! im going to be an aunty and an older sister! Now everyone thinks that my mom is going to have twins Lol. Wouldnt that be awesome? I really am excited that i am going to have a little brother or sister it makes me glad that I am going to have someone to look up to me and follow some of my ways. And as far as it goes about babysitting im not sure i have to worry about it Lol! Girls from my youth group are already like " Do i get to babysit? " Welll ... I'm excited about both pregnancys Thats about it for that.

This weekend i had a youth cmaping trip.. it was so fun and we did alot of things. We sang and went to the Kenosee Waterslides. It was soo much funn I loved it and another thing that we did was star gazing it was awesome i saw like 10 shooting stars but yet i totally forgot to make a wish haha crazy ehh !! it was so funny i shared a tent with The twins and amber swalm and we woke up around 4 in the morning and started giggling because we heard a really loud cow mooooo!!! Lol it was so funny and we couldnt help but laugh!!! Then my friend amber had her cell phone and she had the mission impossible ringtone and we all started like singing to it and me and janna started dancing to it hahaha but then my youth pastor came over and kinda got mad at us (Lol) but it was fun while it lasted it really was! But it was really fun trip!!! But im going to go now so ill cee you all later !!!