Monday, August 21, 2006

Well I haven't been on here in awhile and I thought It was about time for a new web log entry!!! Well there is so much news and story's I have to tell everyone!Well first of all my mom is pregnant and secondly so is my sister!! so I will be an aunt and a new sister around the same time... I guess that means that I will be babysitting for quite awhile
Not only that My Dad will be acting kinda goofy for awhile on account of the new baby! hahah Goofy daddy I know so many other people that are pregnant as well like are pastors Paul and His wife Tammy are two weeks behind my mom! When I heard they were pregnant I thought she ment that they were going to have another child, when my mother asked me if I was surprised, I was like I knew they were going to have another one so not really and then she told me they already were! I was very suprised!!! and they all thought I thought they were trying to get it on how embarassed do you think I was? not only that but pastor Paul not only found out but told the entire youth group! I am perty sure that I turned beet red, luckly It was kind of dark! I was on the verge of falling right off the pew I sat on! But on another note I will be starting school in 2 weeks I am actually pretty mellow about the whole idea, but one thing I have to work on is doing way better on keeping my marks up last year was definatley not good, My mom said that if I didn't try this year woah I would be being chased down by a 2 by 4, I think I'll try. The only thing that scares me a little about going back to school is the fact that I will be going into Gr.11!!!! 2 more years to go and then Bible College! I will be going to CPC in Saskatoon, I fell in love with that school when I went to College connection with my youth group, it was the greatest feeling in the world and once I went I knew that I was supposed to go there, I would like to become a Missionary and a Pastor one day, I will also study English as a Pass into many countries. The places I want to go most is Africa, India, and China, mostly China though, I think I have had a facination with it since I was quite young.But till then I have to go look for a job
most likeley at Mc Donald's , but I have to go now alrighty!!

Infanite X's and O's *Brandy*