Friday, January 16, 2009

Warning: Content might be too honest to read.

I know it is probably just hormonal, but I am depressed. I am tired. I feel like I can't keep up around the house. I feel fat.....and i hurt. Every joint in my body is killing me...every time I get up it hurts. I am frustrated by our lack of income at the moment, and frustrated by my lack of education and ability to help my husband support our home. I am angry about the fact he has a job where the boss treats him like crap...(although don't get me wrong..I am glad he has a job) and I am frustrated with where my relationship with God is at the moment, and finding it hard to find time to read my Bible and pray. I feel as though I have let God down. (as though the Great God of the universe needs me to be the only one to fulfill his purpose....) I feel dry. Sad. Angry. Bitchy. (Am I allowed to say that on a family blog?) and yes...I am feeling sorry for myself...

How is that for an honest post. Maybe too much information?
I know some who would say it is....

Oh well.
It's my blog and I will cry if I want to.

Jeremy and his new spidey bed