Sunday, May 21, 2006


My last couple of weeks since I last wrote have been pretty hard not only for me but for my family. We have just recently lost our uncle Jermey who we all loved very much. When I first found this out I didint even know what to say or do at first i didnt even cry i just went down stairs and watched tv as though nothing had happened but later i had relized that i had lost one of the closest people in my life the only thing that i was very happy about was that he was in a better place and that he no longer had to live in pain and knowing he was very soon going to die. And also i am happy that he knew god so one of these days i can see him again. But that is now passing over us but still we wont forget about him ever.Well other than that I have been pretty good I love our church and the friends I have there and I am Grauating this year from Grade 8 which I am also very happy about because i get to get dressed up all pretty... and I really want sing at the grad so if you could all pray that i win those try outs to sing O canada that would be great Oh yeah it was also just recently mothers day and my sister brandys birthday on the same day so i wish you guys a HaPpY BeLatEd BiRtHdAy aNd MoThErS DaY!!!! Love you guys lots but i think that i am going to take off buh bye!!

Love Bree Bear