Friday, August 31, 2007


Well, it looks like we will be moving least this time it has been four years, so we are getting better....For a while, we were averaging a move every summer.....I am not looking forward to trying to pack and wash walls with a baby, so I am thinking that September may be a little stressful....

The house is in North Regina, and is in a much better location for the girls to attend the schools of their choice....

We did go and look at the house yesterday, and while we like it, we do have some concerns....First of all the fridge and the stove are REALLY old. The fridge had mold and rust on the freezer part, and they didn't seem to know whether they were going to replace it. We are going to push for a new one, but I am afraid that we may end up buying our own....In the back yard, the previous tenant took down part of the fence and never replaced it.....we are going to have to put it back up, as we can't have our kids running all over the place...or our dogs. The dogs are going to be another problem, as we have been spoiled with a completely enclosed back yard here....We are going to have to create runs for them....In our wandering around, we also discovered a REALLY NASTY TRAP next door. By nasty I mean that it looks like a freakin bear trap, but smaller, probably meant for some small rodent....and it was SET! Kendal poked a stick into it, and it snapped shut, it could easily break the leg of a little Chihuahua, or Jeremy's little hand....We are going to have to ask the neighbors about it.......The other problem is a serious lack of closet space in the bedrooms...especially the master bedroom....Kendal and I will have to get a wardrobe. We will also be losing our air conditioning which we have really liked...(although it has been a point of contention with the neighbor...) However, there are also several factors we really like about the house...the biggest being the location. It is about 3 minutes from Krystal and Talon, 5 from Kendal's parents, and about 5 from the church and a quarter of the distance from Kendal's job. It also has the added benefit of getting the girls out of Johnson. The house has a really big backyard, probably twice as big as the one we have now, plus it has a deck. It has two bathrooms which will be a bonus with the girls. Sharing has sucked. It has new windows and no drafts! They are also replacing the shingles either this year or next....It also has a rumpus room instead of us having curtains up for a t.v. room. Finally of course is that we will be saving money on rent, which considering the current housing market is the biggest bonus. It is set, and won't be going up. We are still wanting to buy a house, but this gives us a chance to save some money...and also replace our crappy furniture which we have had for 11 years....specifically our kitchen table and our couches.

Over all I feel it will be a pretty even trade off....and I think I am excited....(or will be after all the work is done.....)

Jeremy and the Dinosaur!