Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Week 11


Your Baby: Week 11

Your baby's organ systems are now functioning and he has a skeleton, nerves and blood circulation. Your baby's tiny feet are fully formed and shaped and could stand on an adult's fingernail. The most critical part of baby’s development is now over, the remainder of the pregnancy is about rapid growth, organ maturation and getting ready for delivery. In fact, your baby grows so quickly now that he will start out this week being approximately 21 - 25 mm or 0.85 - 1.0 inches and by the end of the week will be 44 - 51 mm or 1.75 - 2.0 inches and weight approximately 7 grams! Your baby’s head is about ½ of his body length. The baby’s eyelids are fused now and the irises are developing. Also, your baby will begin to get baby teeth, fingernails, toenails and hair follicles this week, too.


Unbelievable...I am almost through the first trimester, with very little morning sickness, or other problems...I am however...exhausted most of the time..

We were thinking of moving before the baby was born....I think that I will be holding off on that...till afterwards. It is enough to work right at the moment! I can't imagine trying to pack up my house at this point! I have to drag myself out of bed in the morning. I have wanted to call in sick everyday this week so far...but I won't because I will miss enough work as it is between Krystal being pregnant, and getting my teeth fixed, and my pregnancy...

To make matters worse, I dumped water all over my work bag this morning on the way to work...everything is soaked! I should go dry that now.....

Love Robyn!