Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hey Hey, Havent wrote in awhileI thought better, Well school is coming up in about two weeks, Im excited casue I go into Highschool, alot of people are asking me if Im scared but Im not casue Its normal school except with more people ...ALOT more people and ALOT more work! Lol but ill get through it Im going to be attending F.W. Johnson, which is alright casue I will know lots of poeple so I wont be on my own in that big school But anyways... My mom has a big belly now Brandy calls her Preggy Pop! Lol! Im really excited to have a new brother or sister ... I cant wait to find out what Gender it is! We also found out that my youth pastor and his wife Pual and Tammy are pregnant... well not paul lol but Tammy is She just a couple weeks behind my mom! I think that is awesome! So now theres My mom My sister and Tammy all pregnant! Wow! lol I think Im going to be babysitting Lol .
What else is there ? I think thats it for now! But I will write again! Cya later!