Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Mother in Law is going to kill me...

but it isn't my fault this time...
really, it isn't!

Last night, when I was taking out the garbage...
I found a little "package" in the bin....
Apparently someone felt that his little life wasn't worth the effort,
and tossed him out with the trash...

My son of course was thrilled...and confused...
He had followed me into the yard,
and when I brought in kitty, and told him where I found it,
Jeremy say's "NO, mom, No kitty in the trash..."
by the time I called Kendal,
Jeremy was yelling in the background "Garbage daddy! Cat!!!"

I even drove to the SPCA,
but they are closed at 5 pm...
and I figured that by the time I was done paying for litter, food, ect...
and Jeremy was done fawning it,
We might just as well keep it.

Maybe it will do me a solid,
and take care of a mouse we think is still kicking around our house...

It seems in pretty good shape, aside from ear mites,
Drank some kitty milk, and lots of water,
but it did use the kitty litter.
We think it is about 8 weeks old.

It seems like a loveable little scamp,
which makes me even angrier at what people are capable of....
Jeremy is in L.O.V.E.
He petted it...quite carefully
till he got excited and chased kitty all over the house..
Kitty got smart, and finally hid under my bed.
Last night, I had it in a box in the bathroom,
and Jeremy snuck in, removed kitty from the box,
and brought it to me.
Cat mom...
(like I had asked for it...)
Gracie is also in love...
Today she made more progress trying to crawl to kitty
then any other day so far,
and she spent the whole morning squealing and laughing at it,
till she finally got frustrated with it running away when she tried to hug it,
and started crying...LOL!

so there you have it.
Not my fault.
I didn't even want a cat.
They find me. They know where I live now.
Maybe it will curtail Jeremy from continuing
to bug me for the dog he keeps asking for...

So...What should I name it??
(I thought Lucky, but Kendal didn't like it.)