Thursday, September 21, 2006

As Promised.....

The results so far, on the "Should We Let Brandy Loose Survey...."

Leave her this way till her 19th birthday...on a forced diet of bananas and sardines...till all the neurons finally connect....
Release her, but send her with Paul to church for "work experience"...(You know, cleaning bathrooms, changing Mathew's diaper ect...)

Release her, but under the condition, she demonstrates "pig milking" from the stage to the entire congregation on Sunday morning.....

So far the vote is in.....Pig Milking It Is.

Get ready for Sunday Morning Brandy!!!!!

Total responses:

Almost Friday!

Almost Friday.....

I can't wait. 17. Weeks. before mat leave......I was officially 20 weeks as of is half way cooked!

I am on the countdown...

Maybe then I will get something done around my house....

but I doubt it.

I am complaining miserably this morning about the woes of pregnancy.....I have INDIGESTION. Not indigestion But INDIGESTION....the Raging kind, that wakes you up in the middle of the night, and forces you to get out of bed, and STAY UP HALF OF THE NIGHT. and then get up at 6am for work. I could use a good night sleep...but knowing Krystal, she will choose this week to go into labor.

There, I have felt sorry for me, and now it will be better.

The baby's room is starting to look like a nursery now though.....There is a crib, (donated by Mercy and Brenda), we have a stroller, and yesterday we bought this....

3 in one convertible basinet

And we like it very much....

Is it Feb 07 yet?

What else?

Well, work is quiet, and so I am glad.

Monday night we had Women's Aglow,

and just to show the state of my pregnant and very hormonal mind....

This time, I remembered to plug in my guitar, BUT

I got to the end of the song we were singing AND

I forgot what I was singing, and started to laugh.

These things are starting to become routine....and people are starting to talk.....

However, we did have a very good speaker....

Her name was Kanta Sethi.

She told us how she came to be a Christian after being part of the Hindu religion for 28 years.

It was very interesting., and she also had a translater for the 30 Muslim women we had invited.

We all had a great time, and all the Muslim ladies danced around with flags while we sang, and later showed us some of their dances

Our theme was East Meets West,

and so we had some Samosas, and other foods that I can't remember the names of, but have had before. They came with HOT HOT sauce.....MMMMMMM

and then guess what I had all got it.....


I drove some of the teenage girls home,

and we played some popular Bolywood music (popular with the young girls from India and Africa)


We had fun.

Today it is raining. and I am happy because it is not 30 above out.

I am also happy because I will be home for the first night this week, and I can watch the season premiere of CSI.

I will even work on my worship list for ladies ministry Cori....

(and I will write a note, to read the music and plug in my guitar and not laugh in the middle of the songs)

and clean my house.

and we will see what else.!

Love ya!