Thursday, June 7, 2007


OK....Just to let you know how little sleep I am getting lately, and how tired I am.....
I just cleaned the bathroom...commendable.....EXCEPT...I accidently cleaned the toilet bowl with laundry stain remover......
I'm sure that will be useful..:(
My bathroom smells like clean laundry though....that's nice....!

Punjabi Pavillion

After the Irish Pavillion, we headed over to the Punjabi Pavilion. This site was new. They always have the Indian pavilion, which I love, but this was an addition..(and I could find a place to sit.) The other one is always so crowded....I always like the Indian pavilions, because I love their performances and their jewelery and clothing. I always buy a piece of ethnic jewelery in one of the pavilions, and this year I bought it from here. We also chose to eat here, as Brenda and Jason also love Indian food. We had butter chicken which is my personal favorite, samosas and chick peas. It was a pretty reasonable meal for under $10.00.

Here is a video of one of the dances....I love the dancing. Kendal and I used to have fun at his work parties in Williams Lake, as they would play Indian music and have dancing at the Christmas parties.....I wish I could dance like this!