Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Puddle Jumping!

 The weather has been so wonderful lately,
that we have been taking the opportunity to stretch our winter muscles,
and walk around the park...

Of course this also gives the boy the opportunity
to do that which he likes best...
Puddle Jumping.

Puddle jumping is an art.
It must be done so that
the maximum amount of liquid is splashed
on the maximum amount of people...
Preferable innocent ones, 
completely unaware of the tiny little person stalking them
with mischief in his eyes..

The uniform consists of a pair of pants..
half tucked in the boot, and half up the leg..
Therefore allowing the maximum amount of water to enter the boot..

Puddle splashing must be done about half way around the park,
therefore creating the most shivering, 
once wet, so that mom and dad must carry 
said bedraggled son, back to the car..
ensuring that if he didn't soak them before..
He definately has now...  

Apparently we weren't the only ones wanting to excercise our little ones..