Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm no soccer mom.

Sometimes I feel like I failure as a parent.
There...I said it.
I know it isn't true...
but after days like today...that's how I feel.

Jeremy REALLY wanted to play soccer this year...
He loves running..he loves kicking the ball...
I wasn't sure how he would do,
He doesn't always play well with others, 
and other parents with kids the same age
said three year olds and soccer, don't work together well...
so I expected problems...
but  I obviously didn't think it through enough..
because I should have expected the issues that came up,
but somehow I expected other problems...

Soccer was cursed this year from the start.
Sign up went well enough..
They asked me to do their computer work,
but two months passed, and I never got an e-mail
and I never heard from them again..
until the day soccer was supposed to start..
and then..I got a call saying that there was no game that day
the feilds were too wet.
Good thing..since I didn't know we were supposed to start that day..

The next week, we went to the feild...looking for the kids..
I saw four groups..and none of them knew who Jeremy was.
and of one had told us which team we were on..
and never having done this before, 
I never thought to ask on the phone.
The first person I went to told me I was at the wrong park...
and none of the other coaches even tried to help me..

till this guy,,,
He was SOO awesome.. He  let Jeremy play on his team..
and said we could just stay on his team until we figured things out.
and Jeremy just loved him...
I wish we had just stayed on his team..

He played quite happily, and we thought all was well...
The following week, we came again, after finding out who the coach was
(It turned out to be the lady who told me I was at the wrong park..)
and from there it just went down hill.
Jeremy didn't want to play.
He cried and just stood by me and grandma.
He wouldn't talk to the new coach
and he wouldn't play with the kids.
The new team was disorganised,'
and I could also tell the coaches were frustrated 
with my son's lack of cooperation.
The next two weeks it rained..
so no games..
and then today.
At first Jeremy did well...
He followed directions pretty good,
but then when it came to the game,
he cried when they took away the ball..
and he wouldn't run with the kids.
We tried pleading, cajoling, threatening...even bribing
The coach was frustrated, which made me tense...
and I finally gave up, and told Jeremy we were going home.
Then of course he went into full tantrum mode.
Parents gave me the evil eye..
then I was even more embarrassed..
We won't be going back for the last game.

I should have known after "library time" that it wouldn't go well.
Jeremy is really shy...and it comes across as rudeness...
He is great if the teacher is understanding,
and Jeremy knows he is liked..'
but not so much when he isn't sure about the teacher
and there are lots of other kids.

I always seem to be the parent with the misbehaving kids.
At library time, Jeremy (and now Gracie) 
have tantrums, run around, and misbehave
while all the other kids sit quietly and listen to the stories.
I have stuck to my guns at library, 
because in the end I know how important reading is for my kids
and they both love it, (despite evidence to the contrary)
and have been rewarded by a one year old who knows some letters
and a three year old who is starting to read,
And so I have endured the rolled eyes, and the 
"can't you control your kids" looks..
and the shocked expressions when it has become to much..
and the teacher who isn't super fond of my little ones...
and I have dragged both children freaking out at the tops of their little lungs to the car..
and home when I could no longer get them to listen.
I have mostly won now.
Jeremy has settled and sits with the rest, 
and even though it isn't her class..
Gracie sits with brother and sits in on the craft.
BUT this isn't library....

My son is just not ready for this right now.
He really wants to play..
but he just doesn't seem ready for the reality.
(Gracie was...she kept trying to play..too bad she was too young..)
You would think I would be better at this.
after five kids...

The funny thing is...My little ones are really good kids. home. at church.
He loves Sunday School, and his teacher can't say enough 
about how well he behaves in class...
and he sits really nice in church.
He is polite, and says please and thankyou,
and says sorry when he hurts your feelings..
Plus I just like him...and not just because he is mine.
He is a really great kid!
He just seems to melt down in certain situations..

So...I am just curious..
Are you willing to share your embarrassing 
parent moments with us?
or are we the only ones out there...


Wow! I have won three awards this time! Thanks to Jackie at My perfect little world...
She has a great should go over and visit her..
especially her last post...Wordful Wednesday
She made me giggle. 

Now on to the awards...

The Happy 101 Award. The rules for this award are:
1. Copy and Paste the award on your blog.
2. List who gave the award to you and use a link to their blog.
3. List 10 things that make you happy.
4. Pass the award on to other bloggers and let them know about the award.

10 things that make me happy:
1. My relationship with God
2.  My family
3. My church (it isn't always the same thing)
4. friends
5. music
6. photography
7. Blogging
8. Camping/family vacations
9. Family Celebrations
10.ICE CREAM! Especially Nut/Butter from Safeway....mmmmmm am going to pass on this award to....

Peggy at 

She has a great blog, and I consider her one of my bloggy friends!

The second Award...
The Honest Scrap award which is for honest blogging. If you receive this award you must nominate at least 1 other blogger and pass it on. And list 10 honest things about yourself that no one knows!

I have actually received this one I am pasting my last responses..
10 things about me:
1) I play guitar...I love it, but haven't played as much as I like the last couple of years.
I have played for about 12 guitar is a Takamini..special edition Tibetan Alm..
Wouldn't want to give it up for anything.
It is very special to me, because about four years ago, we had a break in where I lived,
and the only things the person took, were my keyboard, and two of my guitars.
My stolen guitar was worth quite a bit, and I had an emotional attachment to it, so I was heart broken...
when people found out what happened...a very large donation was collected,
and I was given money to purchase the guitar I have now..which makes it very special to me....

2) I love to paint and draw, but haven't done it for a very very long time...due to kids and all...LOL!

3) I have five kids, but there are 17 years difference between my third daughter and my son...
My husband and I had been married 10 years before we decided we wanted children...and then the instigating factor was the loss of two close friends who reminded us of our mortality....One to leukemia and the other to a heart attack..both at just over 30 years old... It was our celebration of life...and our son is named after one of them...

4) I sing. I love to sing....mostly praise and worship, but I will sing anything...I sing all the my kids, at home, at the car...LOL!

5) I am a bit of a hoarder, (which is funny because I hate clutter)  but working on it...LOL!

6) I have been married to my second husband for fifteen years this summer...
He is still my best friend after all these years...we have a blast together..
It has been a wild ride..

7) I am an introvert.. (although you would never know it)
..I dislike having people see who I really am...I am terrified they won't like me..
but I am working on it, and with God's grace have over come many of my insecurities...
Thank God for His life changing power...  :)

8) My pet peeve is being late.

9) I LOVE to travel, and don't get to do it near enough...

10) I am an adventure junky...and will do (almost) anything for an adrenalin high...again..
haven't been able to support this habit the last several years..  ;)
Ok...and this one, I would like to pass on to one of 
my newer blogging friends...
Rose at
Her stories make me smile!

and finally the last one...

The Sunshine Award which is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging world.
This one I am going to pass on to Alicia

She always has some cool project going on over at her place...

Ok...I think that about does it...
I am having computer issues today, 
so I better go and try to work some of those out!
Have a great week everyone!