Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Candle Party!

Last night I went to a candle lite Party at my friend Cori's house! I absolutly love candles, and I probably didn't need anymore, but I bought some anyways...

I bought the dolphin...It looks super cool when lit! I am going to put it in my bathroom! I also liked the bottom one, but I will be getting that one in June, when my friend Tammy and I put on our candle lite party!

What can I say? It is my weakness!

We did have a lot of fun though...Most of us girls knew each other, and so we stayed and visited until 11PM and the boys were all downstairs playing some game, which only Kendal could explain to you.....It is a little complicated......

In other news.....I am excited because my friends Jason and Shawna might be moving back to Regina from BC! Yaaaa! I hope so!