Thursday, November 10, 2011

Girl #5, Child #6

So. Yes we are.
Pregnant that is....
If you are on our Facebook, then you probably already know this,
but as I haven't been posting much on blogger..
anyone who just follows the blog doesn't know.
So far. So good.
I am 23 weeks as of yesterday... and this baby is our little miracle.
I mentioned briefly yesterday that I had three miscarriages
previous to this...
One in 2009, one in 2010 (Exactly a year later) and a chemical pregnancy
a month after that miscarriage.
This was our last shot. If I had lost this little one, there wouldn't have been
another try.
Miscarriages are hard on your heart... :(

There is a very long and complicated story behind this little girl...
(Her name is Marin Amira Ciel )
I would love to  share it over and over again, once I am holding her safely in my arms...
For now, the story will stay close to me, to encourage me and help me stay in faith.
I can't wait for her, and neither can Jeremy and Gracie... (or Daddy)
Jeremy always says he wishes she was already here.
Gracie kisses her and hugs her every morning and night....
They are very cute.

The pregnancy itself has gone pretty good... no morning sickness..
Very unusual for me,
I did have bleeding for the first six weeks,
which has never happened without a miscarriage,
and obviously scared me...
My doctor put me on Progestrone suppositories for 15 weeks.
She is healthy..
I have had three ultrasounds so far, and will be having at least one more
in 8 weeks.
I have many contractions, which is actually fairly normal for me...
My blood pressure is great, and so is everything else.
I do have one complication so far,
and that is Placenta Previa.
They couldn't tell for sure from the ultra sound, but it looks partial...
So I am on "activity restrictions"  ...
I rest a lot when I get many braxton hicks... and I don't lift anything.
I may need a c-section, but my doctor assures me that in most cases,
that by the end of the third trimester, baby has changed position,
causing the placenta to grow up wards...
I am fully expecting a healthy baby girl in less then 20 weeks...
You can pray for us though... I like that.. :)
My only concern at this point is whether or not I am going to be able to
get everything out of storage in time...
You would think that by now I would have the hang of this thing...