Monday, April 19, 2010

Can I start a controversy?

So....not being one to want to start a controversy, I thought I would ask you ~ my readers,  a question...

This morning I was reading a post over at my friends blog.. TyNy Family Updates
and she was discussing the merritts of whether you were a better mother, and more patient
as a young mom, or a first time mom over forty...
I believe the word they used when I had my son was "geriatric"
Give me a break...LOL!

Well...I have a kind of unique perspective on this whole thing of course,
being as I couldn't do ANYTHING in the normal or expected way,
and had my first three kids when I was in my early twenties,
and my last two once I hit 40....
Not that I think my experience is the only answer,
but it is unique...don't you think?

So here gos...
Just my experience.

I find that I am a more patient mom now then I used to be...
(I am sure my girls will want to add their two bits...LOL)
It was funny, but the day before I read that post, my hubby and I were discussing
how different we are now as parents...
I have a lot more understanding when my kiddos don't react the way they should,
I react less to the whole tantrum thing...In fact often getting the "look" from
other parents who think I should be "disciplining " my disobedient babes...
Often also getting looks of contempt when I say things like
"You will live - your sisters did...." when they throw themselves on the floor in writhing
screaming temper..
Not to say I am always patient when they throw fits..LOL!
If you want here..
and most of all I find I laugh a lot more at their "bad" behavior...
I don't care if they are perfect in church..
or if they are always clean, or if they have been eating dirt...
(What is a little extra roughage...right??)
If they eat change off the floor..
I just take it out of their allowance...  :O

I am definately enjoying being a parent more...
I know how fast they go away from home...
(all three of my oldest are now on their own)
and I know how I felt "empty nest" even when I thought I wouldn't.
I discovered I LOVE being a "over 40 " mom.

Not that I always find it easy...
I don't have as much energy,
so the sleepless nights are harder,
I have more health problems then I used to have..

Overall...I have found the whole experience interesting...
That being said, I am not sure if it is my age that affects my experience?
Or if it has been the school of hard knocks...
And I am VERY SURE that as I mature in the Lord,
I am changing daily into someone VERY different from who I used to be..
Also of course, I am NOT a first time mom...
So I can't speak from that angle..
I have already learned some hard lessons,
and feel very blessed to be able to fix some things
(So I can screw up something else...LOL!)
That's OK...As I told my daughter Brandy yesterday
When she brought over her new boyfriend for supper,
If I embarrass you to much...there is always counselling!!!

So...Weigh in on the question..
Let me know what you think.

For LIL Ole ME??

Sienna from Hon, what's for dinner
just presented me with this award!
It has literally been ages since I have received one
of these, and so Sienna...You really made my Monday
morning!  If you get the chance head over to her digs,
and check out some good ole "down home country cooking..."
I gain weight just looking.....LOL!

In the meantime, the idea of this award is to pass it on
to 12 of your fav gos...
This is gonna be hard...

While you wait.....What do you think of my new digs??
I had to change things around a bit, as some of my long time readers
were having trouble seeing my other template on IE....
Oh, blogger, I love you, but you need to work out some of the kinks dudes...

So, I digress...onto the awards...

1) One of my oldest blogger friends...
Barb @ Skittles Place
2) Nugglemama's Handful
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5) Webbisodes
6) Living the life of Riley

OK BLOGGER...You are starting to annoy me... (Just told me I am not a member of
One of the Jones....)  I should let my husband know...LOL!

7) I'm a full time mommy

Ok, this is getting hard...My baby keeps spinning my chair around
so that i can read Elmo Loves you to her...

8) One 2 Try
9) Midday Escapades
10) The Chronicles of a Veteran Kindergarten Teacher
11) Things I can't Say
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Ok...So I hope you enjoy your award, don't forget to pass it on to 12 of your favorite bloggers...

Happy Monday!