Sunday, January 18, 2009

This poem was written by Eaton- on her blog Passionate Fiction....
It is very well written, and I thought it worth sharing.
If you get a chance... also go over and visit one of her four blogs...
She is a great lady!

King David
Emblazoned across the heavens

Stars in their multitude call to me
Reminding me of Your ways
The path of righteousness
The marker by which I live
Do not let me falter Lord
I pray!

Watching from my roof top
Senses reeling
Dark void growing
Filling my chest with dread
Conscience torn in agony
Right or wrong--
Which way to turn?

Such beauty before me
Silken in its allure
Danger dancing on
Her glorious flesh
I have already

Dizzying lust molten
Honey in my blood
Laboring my breath
Ruling my thoughts
You cannot refuse me
Obedience your duty
My subject; My will!

Drowning in anticipation
Lost in desire--sin
So easily explained
Excused, cast aside
Ti's my right
Ah! Yes, my right
As King!

What man would do this
Send another to die in battle
Freeing that man's wife
Uriah's blood on my
Black soul
Too late guilty
Am I lost?

Destruction hammers
On the door
I cannot, will not
Turn from this course
My Guilt written
God's decree; the Law