Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

This was a hotel we stayed at in Three Valley Gap
going through the Rockies in BC...
when we were on our holidays this summer.
We didn't actually intend on stopping there, 
but it was 5pm and the kids were tired,
and it was cheaper then we thought it would..
we had a great view off our balcony...
The motel was really romantic,
and there was tons to do there,
however the next day it rained so we didn't get to 
check out the little ghost town attached to it, 
or the Enchanted Forest.
(and when I say rained...I actually mean major
storm that was throwing rocks and trees 
around like basketballs...)

We are going to stay there again in a couple of years..
and take the kids through the enchanted forest...










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An early Christmas...

My oldest daughter always gos to Winnipeg for Christmas,
so we had an early Christmas over at 
my MILs house.

My daughter Gracie



My son Jeremy and grand son Talon


Grand daughter Cassidy




Daughters Krystal and Gracie and Grand daughter Cassidy


Cassidy and Gracie being cuddly


Great Grandma and Cassidy

My son Jeremy opening a present

Grandson Talon with one of his many cars...